by Close2Death

These tracks are a set of hard rock/metal pop tracks with today's style and edge. The tracks are a combination of rock, hardcore, screaming, melodic singing, female and male vocals and more. The production is outstanding and all tracks have a very full sound with great changes, breakdowns, choruses and smart song writing. The female vocalist is superb with the backing harmonies, and the added male screamer gives more of a hard edge. The pop aspects really make some of these tracks radio friendly and they hit the wave of material that is hitting the radio at this time. The album shows diversity. The guitars and drumming are a power house and they really bring the punk side of things into play. The pop ballads work great as singles and the harder songs are great for anyone who picks up this album and is looking for something that is pop music that really rocks. The material is good for video game, indie film, and TV network music supervisors.